Terms and Conditions for Hosting an Event with Backyard Music Co.

By setting up an event with Backyard Music Co. (“Company”), you (“Host”) agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Non-Refundable Passes
– Passes are non-refundable.

2. Cancellation and Date Changes
– Once an event is set up and passes are sold, the Host cannot cancel or change the date.
– If the Host must cancel for reasons beyond their control, attendees will be refunded.
– If the Host cancels for no reason or an unreasonable reason, the Host is responsible for refunding all pass holders.
– If the Company cancels for any reason, the Company is responsible for refunding all attendees.
– The Host cannot cancel due to low sales; this decision is solely the Company’s.
– If the Host wants to change the event date, they are responsible for refunding anyone who cannot attend the new date.
– If the Company changes the event date, the Company is responsible for refunding anyone who cannot attend the new date.

3. Weather Policy
– The event will proceed rain or shine unless it is too dangerous to continue. In such cases, a rain date will be scheduled, and all pass holders can attend the new date free of charge. Anyone who cannot attend will be refunded by the Company.

4. Company Responsibilities
– The Company is responsible for providing 2-3 talented songwriters.
– The Company handles all remote logistics, including:
– Audio equipment
– Artist travel bookings
– Admin costs
– Promotional materials
– Customer service
– Pass processing
– Technical support
– Prompt communication with hosts and artists
– Promotional support

5. Host Responsibilities
– The Host is responsible for all on-site duties excluding the setup of musical equipment.
– The Host must set up branded signage, which will be shipped to their home.
– The Host is responsible for inviting guests and promoting the event online and within their neighborhood and friend groups.
– The Host is responsible for any food and beverages but is not required to provide them.
– Guests will bring their own chairs and alcohol.
– The Host must provide the backyard venue.
– The Host should communicate promptly with the Company’s team.
– The Host does not receive any compensation as all proceeds cover costs incurred by the Company.
– Base pass prices are $35 USD or $35 CAD, which may vary depending on the demographic and demand in a particular region.
– All passes must be purchased in advance; no purchases will be available at the door.
– The Company will keep the Host’s address private and will not publicize it without the Host’s permission.

6. Artist and Guest Conduct
– Artists will respect the Host, their home, and their guests.
– Hosts may offer to accommodate the artists overnight but it is not required.
– Backyard Music Co. artists must be on time, professional, and communicate with the Host.
– This is a listening room style concert in a Nashville writers round format where artists take turns playing their own songs and telling the stories behind them.
– Artists will perform for 1.5 to 2 hours, and all guests must be seated during this portion of the event.
– Guests must be respectful of the artists and not treat them as background music.
– Artists can ask for tips and sell their merchandise.
– Photos and videos can be taken at our events and are encouraged.
– The Host must provide the Company’s artists with some kind of food and beverages.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of all responsibilities and policies outlined above.