“Backyard Music Co. turned my space into a hub for supporting original music and fostering community connections. It’s not just about hosting concerts; it’s a movement to bring people together through music. Proud to be a part of this enriching experience!”

– Sarah J

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How It Works

Virtual Meeting:

Initiate the journey with us: Schedule a Zoom call with one of our Backyard Music Experts. Explore the curated experience we bring to your backyard, empowering songwriters globally. Together, let’s champion original music worldwide and foster vibrant communities—one backyard at a time. Join the movement by clicking ‘Book a Call to Learn More’ below. 


Sign Up:

Create an account on our website and gain access to your dashboard where you can set up events, manage your guest list, and more. A BME (Backyard Music Expert) will be there to help you every step of the journey.

Event Setup:

Once our team approves your event you are ready to rock! You can start promoting your event to your neighbours and friends using our branded marketing tool kit within your dashboard. There is no cost to hosting an event with us as everyone contributes by purchasing a backyard pass. Passes get processed through our website via your exclusive event page, and we handle all logistics, and customer service. We curate a line up of 2-3 rising songwriters from Nashville and around the world.

Enjoy your event!

Experience an acoustic Nashville-style concert with your friends, family and community featuring 2-3 rising songwriters from Nashville and around the world, performing original songs and sharing their stories.

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About Us

At Backyard Music Co., we’re sparking a global movement to champion original music and enrich communities. Founded by Billboard-charting artist Scotty James and Andrea Watson, our journey began during the unique times of COVID when Scotty shared joy through music in neighborhoods. Today, we specialize in crafting Nashville-style concert experiences inspired by the legendary ‘Bluebird Cafe’ and bring them to your backyard as an exclusive experience for your neighbourhood and friend circles. Whether you’re a host eager to showcase your unique space or an attendee seeking intimate live music, our goal is clear: create unforgettable, one-of-a-kind musical moments that resonate with your soul. Join us in a movement to give songwriters a global stage for their original music and foster stronger communities through the power of music.

What the song lovers are saying

“Backyard Music Co. turned our backyard into a musical paradise! Their expertise in artist selection and event management made it a night our guests will cherish forever.”

• Mark D.

“As a first-time host, I was amazed by how smoothly Backyard Music Co. handled everything. From the initial planning to the final encore, their team ensured our event was a hit!”

• Laura K.

“Hosting with Backyard Music Co. was an incredible experience. Not only did we enjoy fantastic live music, but the process was hassle-free, thanks to their dedicated team.”

• Robert H.

“These concerts are a hidden gem in our neighborhood. It’s like having a front-row seat to a private show. Every event is a musical masterpiece.”

• Sophia C.

“Attending a Backyard Music Co. concert is the perfect way to spend an evening. The artists are top-notch, and the intimate setting creates an unforgettable atmosphere.”

• Daniel G.

“I love how they bring the Nashville listening room experience to our city. It’s a unique and captivating way to enjoy live music.”

• Jennifer P.

“Backyard Music Co. made hosting a live concert a breeze! From artist selection to managing passes, their team handled everything, allowing us to enjoy the music with our friends.”

• Jane M.

“I never imagined my backyard could become a stage for such an incredible musical experience. Thank you, Backyard Music Co., for making it a night to remember!”

• David P.

“The team at Backyard Music Co. made sure every detail of our event was perfect. Their support, from planning to execution, was exceptional.”

• Sarah W.


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