Nashville in Port

Date and Time

Aug 01, 2024
Thursday, 6:00pm


Private backyard - Port Stanley


[Event Name] – [Event Date] About the Event: Join us for an unforgettable evening of live music and storytelling right in your own backyard! Our unique event, “[Event Name],” will feature [Number of Artists] talented [Local/Nashville] songwriters who will perform their original songs and share the stories behind the music in a Nashville “Bluebird Cafe” style concert experience. Event Highlights: • Live music from [Number of Artists] talented songwriters • Intimate storytelling behind the songs • [Add any unique event features, like local food, special guests, etc.] Event Details: • Date: [Event Date] • Time: [Event Time] • Location: [Host’s Address] • Capacity: [Event Capacity] • Food: [Indicate if food will be provided] • Ticketing: [Mention if it’s a ticketed event or private] Important Information: • Please bring your own chairs and any beverages you’d like to enjoy during the event. • Parking information: [Add parking details if needed] • [Any other important details specific to the event]

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Featured Songwriters

These are some of the amazing artists we’ve worked with