The Sunbird Cafe

Date and Time

Mar 23, 2024
Saturday, 3:00pm




Private Backyard - Woree QLD


Join us in Woree, QLD on March 23rd, 2024, for an evening of live music like no other. Our intimate backyard concert features 2-3 talented songwriters in a Nashville-style writers’ round, curated by our founder, billboard charting artist Scotty James. The artists will take turns performing their original music and telling the stories behind it. This unique opportunity offers an exclusive glimpse into the future of music, connecting you with undiscovered songs from new artists who are poised for greatness. Your presence is a vital part of our mission to support original music globally, and as an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the host’s charity of choice – Cairns Flood Victims. Please remember to bring your own chair/blankets and beverages to make it a truly enjoyable experience. Reserve your spot now to join the movement!

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Featured Songwriters

These are some of the amazing artists we’ve worked with