FAQ for Hosts at Backyard Music Co.

Backyard Music Co. is an innovative music event company that brings the intimate, engaging atmosphere of Nashville’s iconic listening rooms to private backyards across Canada and the United States. We specialize in curating unique live music experiences where 2-3 talented, rising songwriters perform their original songs acoustically, sharing the stories behind their music in a cozy, community-focused setting. Our events are designed to support artists by providing them a platform to connect directly with audiences in a personal and memorable way. At Backyard Music Co., we celebrate original music, community gathering, and the joy of discovering new songs in a relaxed and friendly environment.
As a host, you’ll need to provide a backyard that can comfortably hold at least 50 people. While there is no cost to you for hosting the event, you may choose to provide food, drinks, additional decor, or lighting to enhance the guest experience. Guests typically bring their own chairs and alcohol.
To become a host, first you need to book a zoom call with us so that we can go over all of the details with you. Then if you decide to become a host, you will need to register and create an account on our website. Through your host dashboard, you can set up an event. We’ll provide you with all the necessary tools and guidance to plan and execute your event successfully.
Suitable backyards should have enough flat space to comfortably accommodate at least 50 guests in a seated arrangement. The setting should be private and conducive to an intimate concert experience.
Events should be scheduled at least one month in advance. This timeframe allows adequate preparation for logistics, artist coordination, and promotion to ensure a successful event.
We curate a lineup of 2-3 talented rising songwriters from Nashville and around the world. The artists perform acoustically, side by side, taking turns to play their originals and share the stories behind their songs. This Nashville listening room style ensures an engaging and intimate experience.
While we handle logistics remotely, artists are responsible for their sound setup. We ship branded signage directly to your doorstep. Our support is focused on ensuring that all remote aspects of the event setup are managed seamlessly.
Events are designed to proceed rain or shine. Hosts should plan accordingly for weather protection if necessary. If extreme weather conditions prevent the event from occurring safely, it will be rescheduled.
Once an event is scheduled and backyard passes are sold, the date cannot be changed unless there are exceptional circumstances. In such a case, hosts can communicate with our team to discuss possible adjustments.
Hosts are encouraged to consider their own liability insurance as our events are low risk and invite-only, ensuring a controlled environment. Safety guidelines and best practices are provided to ensure a safe experience for all guests.
We provide hosts with marketing materials and a promo toolkit via their dashboard, which includes proven strategies to promote the event. Hosts are responsible for selling backyard passes, which cover the costs of the event and support the artists.
The only expenses hosts might incur are optional and related to food, drinks, or additional ambiance settings they choose to provide. Our model ensures that the financial burden on hosts is minimal, with costs typically covered by pass sales.
Hosts are expected to provide access to restroom facilities for guests during the event. For most backyard settings, this typically means allowing access to at least one restroom in your home. If you anticipate a larger crowd or prefer not to use home facilities, we recommend renting portable restrooms. The number and type of facilities should be appropriate for the number of guests to ensure comfort and convenience throughout the event. Backyard Music Co. can provide guidance on the best solutions for different types of events and expected guest counts.
Not at all! The beauty of Backyard Music Co. events is that they can be held in a variety of backyard settings, large or small. What matters most is that the space is welcoming and can comfortably accommodate the expected number of guests in a seated arrangement. Our events are about creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere where guests can enjoy live music and community spirit. You don’t need a fancy venue; just a space that fits our basic requirements and embodies the spirit of a Nashville-style listening room experience.
Artists performing at Backyard Music Co. events receive a base pay to ensure they are compensated for their time and talent. Additionally, artists have the opportunity to earn more through tips from attendees and merchandise sales during the event. Beyond these direct earnings, we are committed to supporting our artists’ careers by providing a robust support system that includes promotion to our worldwide user base. This exposure helps artists grow their following and connect with new fans, further enhancing their professional opportunities within the music industry.
No, there is no limit to the number of events you can host. You are welcome to set up as many events as you wish through your host dashboard. However, each event must be approved by our team to ensure it meets our standards and aligns with the Backyard Music Co. mission of delivering high-quality, intimate concert experiences. This approval process helps us maintain the quality and consistency of all events associated with our brand.
At Backyard Music Co., we specialize in showcasing acoustic performances within specific genres to create a cohesive and intimate concert experience. Our events primarily feature music from the folk, country, pop, and Americana genres. These styles lend themselves well to the acoustic and narrative-driven format of our events, allowing songwriters to connect deeply with the audience through their lyrics and melodies. This focus ensures each event maintains the authentic, listening room atmosphere that is central to the Backyard Music Co. experience.

At Backyard Music Co., we are dedicated to ensuring our hosts have all the support they need for a successful event. Each host is paired with a Backyard Music Expert (BME), who will guide them through the entire process, from initial setup to post-event activities. Our BMEs are well-versed in backyard music planning and are available to answer questions, provide advice, and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Additionally, our host dashboard is equipped with numerous tools designed to make hosting as easy and efficient as possible. This includes promotional materials, guest list management tools, setup checklists, and customizable event details. These resources are crafted to empower our hosts to manage their events with confidence and ease, providing both logistical and promotional support throughout their hosting journey.